Daniel Harwood and Daniel White – Consort Insurance

Watch the video below for an insight into Consort’s history, specialisms, and the team’s journey since joining our fast-growing Group.

Daniel Harwood and Daniel White joined Specialist Risk Group (SRG) in March 2023, when Consort Insurance became part of our Group. Consort specialises in mid-market, commercial business, with a particular bias towards the fire sector. With their Protection and Detection (PaD) facility, the team help businesses manage their exposure and liabilities and work closely with leading associations to educate the industry in relation to fire risk.

Despite several insurance companies showing an interest in acquiring Consort, the directors felt that the opportunity put forward by SRG was unique and solved numerous problems that they felt they had for the business going forward. Since becoming part of our Group, the synergies between our businesses has been evident and the Consort team have been able to benefit from offering unique solutions to their clients through SRG specialisms and vice versa.

We’re always on the lookout for people and businesses who share our ideal to create a culture that delivers growth, opportunities, and accountability in a respectful and supportive environment.

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“The opportunity that SRG put forward was unique. It meant that it solved numerous problems that we had for our business going forward”

Daniel Harwood
Managing Director, Consort Insurance