Fleet and Commercial win back a client with exclusive capacity and enhanced offering from collaboration with Miles Smith

Our latest case study outlines how one of our recently acquired businesses, Fleet and Commercial, was able to win back a lapsed client with access to an exclusive scheme via Miles Smith.


The client which specialised in commercial retail and display was unfortunately lost by Fleet and Commercial off the back of a transfer mandate.


When approached by Tony McLeman and Ben Brown from Fleet and Commercial at renewal, the client advised they could try and win back the business however, they remarked that they were “very happy with their existing broker”.


Tony and Ben worked together with the client to identify any pain points and recognised that the best way to win back the client would be by engaging with the Miles Smith team to access their exclusive capacity. Therefore, the rate they obtained via Miles Smith could not be accessed by any other broker outside of the Group.

They worked closely with Phil Kirby – Motor Underwriting Manager, Aaron Jones – Account Executive, and Caroline Parker – Team Manager at Miles Smith, who were able to negotiate a competitive quote and a quick turnaround. Subsequently, Tony and Ben highlighted the unique USPs of the Miles Smith scheme to their former client.


The client was impressed by the enhanced proposition, and by showing them the service and support they could expect from Fleet and Commercial now they are part of SRG, Tony and Ben were successful in changing the client’s mindset and secured a great win-back.