All teams and businesses at SRG are supported by the platform. Our expert teams within the platform take some of the day-to-day pressures of running your business off your hands, so that you can focus on delighting your customers and winning new business. The platform is made up of the following teams:

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People and Culture
People and culture is our progressive approach to traditional HR. It is people based, not policy based. Our People and Culture team focus on the well-being of every employee and provide a platform for growth and development. This engagement encourages productivity, creates a positive environment for our colleagues to thrive in and generates happiness.

Whilst we strive for operational improvement and excellence in our existing operating models, we continue to seek out entirely new ways of doing things. Operational innovation fuels extraordinary results, to improve customer service and the overall success of the business. We aim to centralise as much as we can to achieve consistency and rigour.


Our Finance function is an essential cog to business operations at SRG, supporting the strategic vision of the Group through financial planning and analysis. The team ensure the financial, accounting and cash management systems and processes operate efficiently and effectively, being quick to adapt to change, dynamically balancing cost, risk, and service levels to the wider business as the Group evolves.

They also protect and preserve the assets of the organisation, ensuring compliance with financial reporting and regulatory requirements, supporting the business in assessing and mitigating risk, ensuring quality data and optimising controls.

Lastly, our Finance team provide a financial perspective on innovation, M&A and profitable growth, accessing equity and debt capital, providing the information and tools necessary for the organisation to make sound business decisions.

Risk and Compliance
There is an intimate connection between risk and our ability to meet our objectives because managing risk is central to value protection. Working with the business, Risk and Compliance instil a culture that both mitigates the negative ‘threats’ and realises the positive ‘opportunities’ that risk and regulation presents. It also helps us to make informed and appropriate risk-based decisions.

Our IT strategy is aligned with our business strategy. By understanding what the business does and what the business will need in the future, we achieve alignment and drive technology innovation. We recognise the important relationship between business goals and IT, using this to inform our IT road-map.

We know that claims is our defining moment, and providing a smooth claims experience is key. Our objective is to handle claims in a consistent, yet flexible and fair manner that is transparent, accurate and timely.
Our claims team has won Broker of the Year at the British Claims Awards and Broker Claims Achievement Award at the Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards. Two accolades which we are very proud of the team for achieving.


We take great pride in the name we are creating for SRG, and we want everyone within our Group to feel a part of that. Our marketing team work to support the business with income generation and provide strategic marketing advice and support to align with our business and sales objectives.

We are a fast-growing group of specialist insurance distribution businesses with a strong focus on people and culture and we seek the same attributes in the businesses who join us.
Our dedicated in-house M&A team look after our inorganic growth activities and work alongside the SRG board in setting and executing the Group’s M&A strategy.

Data Analytics
Our Data Analytics team supports the business units in analysing and reporting their performance and providing key insights into areas such as opportunity analysis.

They also provide key expertise on a number of projects across the group. Whether it be around optimising a new or existing business process, or creating a new system specification, the team helps to drive best practice principles from a data capture and reporting basis.

Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management plays an integral role in managing our relationships with the insurance market, ultimately helping our clients, brokers, and insurers alike as we continue to grow. It involves a group-wide approach to insurer partnerships, designed to create a strategic framework that brings scale, leverage and cross sale capabilities to SRG.

Delegated Authority
Our Delegated Authority team support the business units when dealing with our insurer partners under a Delegated Authority or Line slip to ensure that they are able to trade with the markets and the contracts contain all relevant information and clauses.

SRG’s platform is on-hand to support our trading teams reach their full potential, taking some of the day-to-day pressures off their hands and allows them to focus on what they are good at: delighting customers and growing the business.

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