We spoke with other industry leaders on The Voice of Insurance about how the UK insurance companies are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

What’s working? What’s not? Who’s showing their true colours, good or bad?

Brendan McManus of PIB, Peter Blanc of Aston Lark and Warren Downey of SRG have traded through many crises in their careers, but probably nothing quite like this.

In this essential debate, the trio rated the sector’s own operational response to the crisis and discussed the UK insurance industry leadership’s public relations performance, political risks and whether pandemics are insurable.

They didn’t hold back.

They also assessed the performance and financial strength of insurance carriers, the resilience of intermediaries exposed to premium finance credit risk and how the hit to the capital markets might affect debt and consequently the world of Broker M&A.

Thank you to Mark Geoghegan for hosting and allowing SRG to sponsor this Podcast.